Sustainable development

Sustainable developmentAwaken the senses through simplicity

In a sustainable development approach, in order to protect this invaluable resource, a tiny quantity is used. We favor low production while respecting the environment and the timelessness of this immaculate source.

“The spectacle of nature is always so beautiful”, a thought of Aristotle which blows with clarity and purity in our hearts as co-founders of the Société d’Exploitation des Eaux Minerals de Sembrancher. A purity that is one of the fundamental characteristics of Sembrancher mineral water. Artesian Spring of Mont Catogne – wild mountain of the Alps chain forming part of the Mont Blanc massif – exceptional water, Sembrancher is the first premium Swiss mineral water. It has also contributed to the development of premium waters in Switzerland. Recognized by the great tables, restaurateurs and epicureans who love beautiful flavors and eating well, for its quality as well as for its neutrality which in no way alters the taste of the dishes, Sembrancher water has for many years been involved in making its letters of nobility to mineral water. Coming from the majestic Catogne massif in Switzerland, a sublime protected territory devoid of any agricultural or tourist exploitation, the mineral waters of Sembrancher bear the name of the eponymous village located in Valais. As true water artisans with an ethical and eco-responsible vision, we are attentive to the preservation of this natural site of stunning beauty. No pumping of natural resources, drilling allows water to emerge naturally like a spring. Since 2008 we have been working to make this quality water with low mineral content and exceptional neutrality accessible to as many people as possible, with absolute respect for ecosystems >, processes and people.

46°03' 11.16``The Catogne Mountain.

For centuries, Sembrancher water has been collected at the source in the small village of the same name near Mont Catogne.
A preserved site

Committed to promoting the heritage of Mont Catogne – which culminates at 2598 meters above sea level -, in the preservation of this natural setting of exceptional beauty, in the reasoned production of premium water with very low mineral content</ strong> (0 nitrate, 0 nitrite, 0 ammonium, 201 milligrams of dry residues) and in ethical operating processes and respectful as much of the planet as of quality.

The Mount

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the water maintained under pressure under the mountain flows through the artesian well at a rate of 600 liters per minute. The drilling carried out 55 meters deep in the mountain, perpendicular to the slope and at an altitude of 750 meters, guides the natural source outwards. Once emerged from the artesian well, the untapped water joins the river, Dranse d’Entremont, which flows into the Rhône at Martigny.

Underground eource

Sembrancher mineral water does not come from melting ice, it comes from natural underground water in the heart of the Swiss mountains. And even if we have the exclusivity of the site, faithful to our eco-responsible approach, we only exploit 1% of the emerging water.
No aggressive pumping of natural resources, but a reasoned exploitation of the water from the artesian well.

46°03' 11.16``The Saint Etienne drilling.

From the source to the bottle, we ensure to preserve the original authenticity of this exceptional water.
The Saint Etienne borehole

The St-Etienne drilling (depth: 55.5 m) captures the deep aquifer, and this concept ensures optimal security in terms of protecting the quality of the extracted water.

Artesian well

It is an artesian well, which means that the water springs from the mountain without pumping or filtration, with a high pressure of 3 bars.


During the capture, it naturally emerges, flows at its own pace, and is delicately collected. The water is then transported 90 meters below its emergence point to be bottled.


In 2008, following numerous geological investigations and rigorous analyses, we obtained the required certification that authorized us to exploit a portion of the water from the artesian well, drilled in 2003 by the company Alpgéo under the mandate of the municipality. Our production plant, S.E.E.M.S. S.A., was put into operation in the fall of 2008, and since then, throughout the history of our brand, we have consistently remained true to our values and ethical vision.

Our embodied valuesOur ethical philosophy

Our vision aims for excellence, but not at any price. There is no question of developing and radiating without being perfectly faithful to our raison d’être. And when it comes to implementing concrete and pragmatic actions to honor both our commitments and our brand DNA, there are no half measures. We act at all levels to ensure that our know-how is continually supported by ethical and responsible know-how.

Appreciated by great chefs

Sembrancher mineral water is water of very high quality, offering low mineral content. Its neutrality and balance are recognized and appreciated by great chefs, as it has no impact on the taste of food and wine.


Very popular in the world of gastronomy, it indeed offers in its still and sparkling version an exceptional naturalness , which positions it in Switzerland in the category of premium, top-of-the-range waters.

Epicurean water

Its particularly low mineral content makes it the preferred mineral water for epicureans who appreciate good food and nuanced flavours. Consuming Sembrancher mineral water does not add taste. This is why it is often chosen by oenologists, or lovers of wine tastings, allowing them to savor wines without ever changing their tastes. As for its sparkling version (carbonated), Sembrancher mineral water is finely so, the senses are not impacted, the flavors of the dishes are preserved.

AVPA Paris Competition

SEMBRANCHER mineral water is a real quality reference in Switzerland, more and more in France, as in Belgium. It has been awarded three times in various categories at the AVPA Paris Gourmet Waters competition. A renowned competition in which 40 sources were represented in the first year, then more than 70 in the second and third years.

An elegant and light sparkling wine

In the “mixed sparkling” category, the jury highlighted the qualities of Sembrancher sparkling mineral water “Sembrancher is an elegant and light sparkling water. Through its fine sparkle, we immediately appreciate its herbaceous taste, composed of citrus fruits and tangy roots. Springtime and refined, its persistence in the mouth prolongs the pleasure and surprises with its mineral nuances. Not very salty and very balanced, this elegant eau with a mixed character is very endearing”.

Smooth water

In the “mixed still” category, Sembrancher’s still mineral water also received congratulations from the jury: “Sembrancher is a creamy, balanced, fairly neutral still water that surprises with its great purity, very persistent in the mouth. It is fresh on the attack, with some metallic, crystalline notes, it imposes by its very natural and almost wild taste, with a tangy aftertaste”.

Based on mineral water

New to the market, Sembrancher lemonades have been on sale since 2021. They also benefit from a very specific positioning, as they are based on mineral water, which does not is not the case with most other existing lemonades currently on the market.

Variety of tastes

Their tastes are varied, – Lemon & Limes, Mint & Matcha, Tonic -. Sembrancher mineral water is available in thin, slightly sweetened lemonades, flavored with plants from the Swiss Alps.

Selection of endemic plants

In the valleys connected to Sembrancher, many aromatic plants are grown. In a permanent approach of eco-responsibility, we take care to use local resources and the richness of the surrounding Swiss flora. Thus we work in collaboration with the company Valplantes (supplier of the Ricola brand) to add a fine selection of endemic plants to our 3 lemonades.

Épurées et simple

Our ethical objective is also supported here by quality objectives, which is why we wanted to offer a range of lemonades in 2021 in line with consumer expectations, because low in sugar. Sleek, simple and with taste, they offer notes full of nuances, while being qualitative and healthy.

DevelopmentAnd tomorrow ?

To exploit the mineral water and lemonades of Sembrancher we have a small infrastructure of 250 m2. Our objective is to continue our development by building a larger factory with positive energy of course. Note that in Valais Switzerland 70% of electricity is green, because hydroelectric. The presence of numerous dams makes it possible to use this energy with little impact on the planet.

Mainly distributed in Switzerland by a network of wholesalers, resellers (GMS), or via our store – online since 2021 -, we aim to shine tomorrow throughout Europe, just as much with catering and gastronomy professionals. , than the general public.


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