Premium Minerals Le Catogne , Swiss Alps

The pleasure of food

A Swiss artesian source from the majestic wild and mountainous massif of Catogne - more than 240 million years old - located in the heart of the Swiss Alps chain, Sembrancher Mineral Water is a real invitation to naturalness and to quality. Sembrancher is a premium water that honors the Art of the table.

Preservation of natural resources (no drilling, but a reasoned withdrawal at the source), commitment to the protection of ecosystems and people, the Société des Eaux Minerals de Sembrancher (S.E.E.M.S S.A) has been working as water craftsmen with ethics and commitment since 2008. Our Fil d’Ariane, preserving nature’s natural resources, while marketing a Premium Water with recognized neutrality, low mineral content and much appreciated by great chefs and the world of gastronomy. Sembrancher mineral water, delicate taste properties that do not alter the taste of food and wine

Particularly prized by great chefs for its delicate taste properties, Sembrancher water can be enjoyed without altering the taste of food and wine

From the heart of the Swiss mountains

Sembrancher mineral water is not water from melting glaciers, but natural water from the heart of the Swiss mountains in the Saint-Bernard land.

And not just any! That of Mont Catogne, which culminates in all its beauty at 2598 meters, a few wingbeats from the famous Mont Blanc. Key dates of a mineral water that flows delicately at its own pace from an artesian well – bloodless water from excessive pumping and chemical treatments – on the mountainside and discovery of the history of water appreciated for its typicality and its exceptional quality which respects the gastronomic and wine flavors.


Excellence et éthiqueHuman and environment

Discover 3 audacious entrepreneurs and humanists founders and associates

The Sembrancher mineral water company acts with a constant concern for quality and respect for living things, its know-how is supported by responsible and committed know-how, which honors people as much as natural resources

Mineral PremiumStill water

Collected at the edge of the woods where her curiosity naturally leads her, Sembrancher does not undergo any chemical treatment

Finely SparklingSparkling water

Collected at the edge of the woods where her curiosity naturally leads her, Sembrancher does not undergo any chemical treatment


Sembrancher is now available in a fine lemonade slightly sweetened with plants from the Swiss Alps

Pure waterFrom 1239

For centuries, Sembrancher water has been collected at the source in the small village of the same name near Mont Catogne

The pleasure of foodA range of mineral waters for the Art of the Table

Appreciating water is an apprenticeship

Swiss mineral water with very low mineral content, its neutrality and balance are appreciated by epicureans and great chefs, because it does not alter the taste of food or that of wines. Qualities that position it as a true benchmark in the category of premium Swiss waters.


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