Christian Guex

Choose a job you love and you won't have to work a day in your life.

In 2014, I joined the wonderful entrepreneurial adventure of the Société des Eaux Minérales de Sembrancher in Switzerland. The wise Confucius said “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, a famous quote that reinforces my idea that the privilege is great to those who have been able to accomplish it. . It is indeed essential and right to be able to be really and fully accomplished in your work and to feel the renewed pleasure each morning of going there.

Working on a daily basis for things that make sense and which contribute just as much to one’s own development and living well, as to shaping a more virtuous world, is a path that I strive to follow again and again. Again.


The pleasures of the task, of a job well done and the resulting satisfactions make them an obvious part of individual balance and daily well-being. I like the power and energy of this thought from B. Fontenelle who underlined “The greatest secret of happiness is to feel good with yourself”. I apply myself in resonance to take actions that contribute to concretize this philosophy of life.

Life is a succession of stages, trials, multiple experiences, which sometimes caress and other times slap, but which inevitably shape our determination, our identity, which sharpen our interests, our passions, our commitments. It is a dance that sets in motion encounters and discoveries of our living spaces, familiarizing us and making us aware of the environment, resources and living things. Learning
continual, a daily discovery. It offers the opportunity to make each event a new opportunity to access our own internal resources, which allow us to shape our lives, as responsible and committed actors.
My job within the Société d’Exploitation des Eaux Minérales de Sembrancher is first and foremost respect for nature and the mountains that offer us the resource. I have the privilege with Olivier and the Sembrancher team to exercise a profession associated with food trades, even if very humbly, we do not transform the material here, but receive this gift of nature to offer it for consumption.

We are water artisans wishing to provide consumers with a high quality product, authentic and respectful of the environment. This naturally leads us to frequent gastronomy, hotels, restaurants , cooks, epicureans and all service personnel who revolve around catering and gastronomy.

My values ​​are those of customer satisfaction, quality service, ethics, love of a job well done, respect for resources, the environment, this nature without which we would be nothing. The relationship with others, trust, take a big place in my collaborations. They say of me that I am committed, determined, voluntary, responsible, professional, simple and relaxed. I like to think that I honor that vision. Our desire at S.E.E.M.S S. A is resolutely to preserve the resource, this vision allows us to be extremely close to our customers, to know them well by often linking privileged contacts with the actors of the gastronomy.


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