Olivier Genin

To marvel at the simple things, an energy that keeps feeding me every day, again and again...

This quote takes on its full meaning when I admire with such gratitude and enthusiasm this splendid environment offered by Mont Catogne. Mountain of the Swiss Alps from which Sembrancher mineral water comes. How not to be transported by this ultimate, wild beauty which reminds me if that is necessary, how precious, dazzling and sometimes also so fragile nature is. Mountain that I had the pleasure of climbing with my associates. And it is in this keen awareness that the preservation of our natural resources is no longer an option, that I commit myself every day to innovation and creativity at the service of planet, its riches and the people who live there. I act with our employees for a more responsible world, doing my part to ccontribute through entrepreneurship to the emergence of eco-responsible, innovative and useful solutions. Useful just as much for the local economy, for promoting local crafts and know-how, as for our environment.

Thus, at the heart of each of the companies that I co-founded, whether it was La Manufacture Urbaine in Charleroi, La Régie Immobilière Fiducia in Lyon, or of course S.E.E.M.S SA in Sembrancher, I never stopped reinventing myself, to evolve, to progress in order to act concretely towards something greater. Deeply humanist, I like to believe that everything is an opportunity and that each action must be supported by the values ​​advocated, to really contribute to growth, without losing its soul and its raison d’être along the way. Audacity is rooted in me, as is this desire to pragmatically participate in change, like the committed craftsman of a more eco-responsible and innovative world. Our three companies, in Switzerland, Belgium and France show that borders have, like the imagination, only the limits that each one sets for them. Whether here in this incredible environment of Mont Catogne, or in the Cité des Gones or even in the heart of Charleroi, I am proud to lay here and there the seeds of an economy high-performance flyer at the service of people and our beautiful planet.


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