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Des convictions Valorisation du terroir

Deux entrepreneurs passionnés qui partagent cette conviction que tout est possible à qui sait se saisir de son destin avec enthousiasme, engagement, agilité et innovation.

« Du jour de ta naissance, la vie est un torrent qui dévale les pentes » Proverbe tibétain

Valuation of mineral water

“From the day of your birth, life is a torrent that rushes down the slopes” a Tibetan proverb dear to the heart of Christian Guex, who joined the Sembrancher adventure in 2014 with Olivier Genin, co-founders in 2008 of the Société des Eaux Minerals from Sembrancher in Switzerland. Two passionate entrepreneurs who share the conviction that anything is possible for those who know how to seize their destiny with enthusiasm, commitment, agility and innovation. Knowing how to stay the course while preserving its root values, being able to bounce back, adapt, evolve, just as much on the fresh waters of a river, as on the more adventurous ones of the torrent, that’s also the entrepreneurial spirit. And when this is combined in a virtuous alchemy with an ethical vision committed to the enhancement of people, the preservation of the planet and the love of local and quality craftsmanship… It does not can only step up and work towards a more responsible world. The respect for nature and its resources, the respect shown to their collaborators – who are, as they like to say, their first customers -, the certainty that everything is a perpetual learning process and an opportunity for development, these water craftsmen honor as much their raison d’être as their know-how of excellence. Welcome to the heart of the soul of Sembrancher, the men and women who work to promote premium Swiss mineral water from Mont Catogne, just a few beats of eagles’ wings from Mont Blanc.

FondateurOlivier Genin

I founded with Jurgen the Société d’Exploitation des Eaux de Sembrancher. An ethical and innovative company located in the heart of an exceptional green setting located in the Swiss Alps.

FondateurChristian Guex

In 2014, I joined the wonderful entrepreneurial adventure of the Société des Eaux Minérales de Sembrancher in Switzerland. The sage Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.
life”, a famous quote that reinforces my idea that privilege is great for those who have been able to accomplish it.

Notre équipeCommitment and Positive Energy

If we ask the Sembrancher team to explain why they joined the S.E.E.M.S S.A adventure? It highlights the friendliness, the close proximity of the company, the shared eco-responsible values, but also this inspiring passion for a job well done, commitment and this capacity for innovation in the service of quality. All supported by a fundamental priority, to honor the natural resources of the planet and the people who live there. As for what motivates them on a daily basis in the practice of their respective professions within Sembrancher? This gratitude to act together at the heart of a team motivated to give the best of itself, for the achievement of the objectives of their company. Without a doubt, a sincere and determined state of mind that contributes to shaping the beautiful positive energy of Sembrancher every day.

Ingénieur industriel


He optimizes production management and good manufacturing procedures.


He collaborates daily in the operational and the smooth running of the production line



She works to promote the company and its services in Switzerland and internationally.